Behavioural Segmented Audiences

Invest in people with a greater chance of buying, and understand what step they are in the buying process.
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Understand your audience
Deep Knowledge about your visitors, users and customers.
Visual Attention
Visual Attention
We know which products caught visitor's eyes, not requiring them to click on it.
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Visual Buy Stage
Visitor Buy Stage
Understand if he is just searching, exploring or have real interest on buying something.
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Ads Segments
Ads Segments
Filter on your campaigns those who have probability of buying in the next 7 days.
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Personalized Ads
Personalized Ads
Retarget visitors based on products that caught their attention.
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In-site Activation
Workflow Integration
We integrate with most of the players in the ad-tech market.
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Product Recommendation
In-Site Activation
Personalized in-site experiences like coupons, discounts or others, based on psychological traits.
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Your Data, Your Customer
Privacy-friendly Solution
Forget about 3rd party tracking! We use behavioural data generated in-session, without fingerprinting and anything related.
Privacy-focused Security
GDPR / LGPD Compliant
No 3rd Party. Your visitors data will not be shared with any 3rd party.
Privacy Policy
Data Warehouse. All your data can be exported to Glacier, S3 or custom archives within the period of 1 year.
Data Policies
Encryption. The data generated by your company it's encrypted using your private key.
Homomorphic Encryption
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