Create Higher Converting Campaigns

The new standard for Behavioural Targeting. Find out which of your visitors are most likely to buy and when.
Increase your eCommerce sales

Effective Retargeting

Display ads for only those with a real interest in buying and with the correct timing.

In-Site Engagement

Optimize the Consumer Decision Making with popups for visitors with the same behavior.
Dsiplay & Video 360
Oracle DataCloud
Right Visitor at Right Timing
Understand your visitor
Know if your visitor is comparing price, exploring or looking for more information. Create campaigns for each buying journey stage.
The new standard to understand your visitor.
Personalized Campaigns. Create personalized campaigns based on the customer purchase journey.
Learn more about the future of ads
Invest Smartly. Display your ads for visitors who have higher probability of buying in the next 7 days.
How to improve your ROI
Increase Engagement. Display popups for users who are concerned about shipping, security or other factors.
7 Factors that Influences Consumer Purchase
Precise Ad Targeting and Campaigns
Increase your ROI on Ads
Smart Ad Targeting
Instead of advertising to everyone, advertise only to those who are likely to buy in the next 7 or 14 days.
“With Monoscope analysis we had 3 points uplift in our ROI on Facebook and Google.”
Rodrigo Valle
Rodrigo Valle
Marketing Director at EBS Sistemas
Engage Visitors
Understand your audience
Understand the context of your audience and talk better with them.
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